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Friday, December 09, 2016

Free Christmas Cards Printable! -

For today's post I've collaborated again with the lovely Olivia from RandomOlive to create something extra special for you. After seeing how many people enjoyed our last collaboration, with the Free Hand Lettering Practice Guide for your bullet journal, I decided to reach out to her and ask her to create a Free Christmas Card printable for all of you!

Free Christmas Cards Printable! -

For me the most important part of giving or receiving is the card. It's what's written inside the card that matters most. Nowadays, people find it easy to go and buy expensive gifts, but they struggle to open up their heart and put it on paper. So this year, take some more time when you write your Xmas card, and make sure your message is thoughtful and meaningful for the person you're giving it to.

Free Christmas Cards Printable! -

The card is super easy to make. All you'll need is some card paper (light coloured so that the message shows properly), pencil, ruler and a printer. The cards will print best on A4 size paper and they come in two sizes - A4 and 7.2x10.5cm. If you choose the smaller size, you should cut them out where it's shown on the corners like I have below. If you want a bigger card and you can go for the A4 size. You can always snip them down to the size you want, to fit your envelope.

Free Christmas Cards Printable! -

Then all you have to do is to fold them in half, and there you have it!

Free Christmas Cards Printable! -

Click here to download your FREE Christmas Card!

I love Olivia's hand lettering practice sheets and I've been using them almost daily to better my hand lettering. If one of your goals is to better your brush lettering and hand lettering, then maybe you should check the Comprehensive Brush Letter Practic Guide out. It promises to turn you into a pro in 45 days! Olivia even gives you a schedule to stay on track. It's also the perfect Christmas gift!


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Free Christmas Cards Printable! -

Hope you like the card, and that it will make someone you love smile.
Happy Holidays xoxo

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