The battle of the best black pen

Friday, June 24, 2016

The battle of the best black pen -

I've always been into stationary, ever since I was a little girl. I just love pens! And my obsession with black pens has escalated in the past few months, since I started bullet journaling. I am on the quest of finding the best black pen!

The battle of the best black pen -

I have a ridiculous amount of black pens in my arsenal. But today, I will talk about the ones I tend to use the most. I have different favourites for writing, drawing and handlettering. So, let's get started.

The battle of the best black pen -

SAKURA MICRON 01, 02, 03
The quality of these pens is amazing! Very good for detailed drawing but they're also great to write too. Their black is really dark (much darker compared to the Staedtler equivalents) and I really like them. There's only one negative that I've found during the time that I've been using them. When you draw with a pencil and then you go over the pencil with one of those pens, once you're finished and you want to erase the pencil marks, then the eraser makes the marker look more faded and not as dark as it was in the beginning. That means that you have to go over it and possibly ruin your drawing, or leave it as it is. Nevertheless, I am constantly using them for drawing cause they're really good!
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This has become one of my favourite pens to write. Especially if you make small letters, then this is the pen for you. The writing is smoothe and effortless. I tend to grab this one more that the rest lately, especially when I write my affirmations for my Miracle Morning routine. However, I've seen a lot of people draw with this one as well, like Ms. Centolife on YouTube.
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This is the pen that I always use to make my cursive handwriting on my bullet journal, or anywhere else! It glides like a dream on the paper and gives one of the darkest blacks without bleeding through the page. I just love it!
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Another great pen that I really like. Again, like the previous one it glides on the page and writes like a dream with very good pigmentation. The only downfall is that it could bleed through the page, depending on how much you press the pen when you write. That's why I don't use it for my bullet journaling. Nevertheless it's a great pen to have. It's also waterproof and fade-proof.
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This one is quite new for me, but I really, REALLY like it. It's a gel pen that has a very good grip, making it very comfortable when you write. I also like the design - it's a bit different. I tend to use it for my cursive as well as when I write my snail mail letters, because it makes it so easy. If I was back to school, this would be the pen I would use to write my notes with.
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This is an old favourite of mine that I tend to grab from time to time. I find that it helps me to write more neatly and my letters look good when I use it. I have various ones around the house and in the car. If you like gel pens this is a very good one to have.
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This was an impulse buy when I was waiting at the till and I really like it. It's the pen I keep in my bag. It has a thicker grip than the Pilot one but the result is almost the same.
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This is my new favourite toy! I use it everyday with my bullet journal, my blog journal and anything else I want to write. The reason is that it's erasable and makes my life so much easier. I just love it! After I talked about it on Instagram, a lot of the girls said that these pens are sensitive to heat, so for example, you have to make sure you won't get your journal out in the sun because the ink will disappear. However, I read that the ink in these pens will actually reappear when the temperature reaches below - 10 C (under 14 Fahrenheit), so keep that in mind too. They come in lots of colours. I have the pink, red, blue and black ones. There are also refills for some of the colours.
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STAEDTLER PIGMENT LINER 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7
These were the first liners that I started using when I was drawing and doodling and I still really like them. I don't like the way they make my letters when I write, but for drawing they are amazing. They dry instatly so there's no smudging. And I don't seem to get the same problem with the eraser as I do with the Sakura ones that I've mentioned above. Really good investment for money.
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This is one of the pens that I use to do my headings with or I use it when I want to have something stand out, since it has a thicker tip. It has a very peculiar tint to it. It's a black-purple pen that I actually like.
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This is one of my old time favourites. I have various colours and I tend to use this one when I want thicker lines in my doodling, when I'm drawing quotes or when I do some handlettering. Very versatile one.
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Like the Paper Mate one I use this one for writing quotes and doodling. They're also great to write on envelopes or boxes. It's really black and depending on the pressure you apply you can get different thickness in the lines.
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So, there you have it! These are my current favourite black pens. There's something in each one that I really like. However, I am still on the search for the best black pen. So, make sure you tell me yours in the comments below ;)

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